10 April

9 Reasons Event Management Is A Great Career Option

Event Management is one of the fastest growing industries all over the world. From global events like the St. Patrick’s Festival to sports weekends, food festivals, conferences, concerts and public celebrations, event management has evolved into big business; and event managers are the ones overseeing and arranging all aspects of the events. Sounds good, right? However, if you are still confused whether event management is the…

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26 March

4 Secure Digital Marketing Jobs That Are Here To Stay

It's time to polish that résumé, marketers! There is an enormous and still growing demand for digital marketing professionals with finely tuned skills. In Ireland, digital marketing economy will soon be worth £21.1bn, according to recent stats, 150,000 digital jobs being predicted by 2020. Digital marketing salaries are also increasing rapidly, making digital marketing one of the most attractive career choices. But what skills should you…

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22 March

How to get digital marketing skills and an industry recognised qualification in just 10 weeks

Do you dream of having a career that is fun, dynamic, and always exhilarating? Do you envision escaping the every-day boredom of an ordinary job and instead, working on digital marketing where no two days are ever the same? Do you see yourself using your creative side to create amazing digital strategies that will be talked about for years to come? Then you will LOVE working…

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20 March

How to land a digital marketing job you’ll love: A quick guide

Are you an aspiring digital marketing professional hoping to get your foot in the door? Or a graduate wanting to brush up on some skills? Maybe you're a business owner wanting to learn digital marketing so you can do it yourself or understand how to work with your digital marketing agency? If you answered any of the above, you've come to the right place. Fitzwilliam Institute’s…

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15 February

How to Contact a Top PR Agency about a Job Opening (Tips for New Public Relations Pros)

Job hunting is scary - we totally get it. Instead of looking at the job process as intimidating, it's important to look at it as a learning experience and an opportunity to reveal your talent and worth! An interview is the necessary key to unlock the door to your dream job. Like anything in life, you have a greater chance of success if you are armed…

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13 February

21 FREE Stock Image Resources for Social Media, PR & Content Marketing

These days, PR and marketing professionals need an arsenal of images to pull from in order to keep pace online. Having the right images to align with a brand’s digital storytelling is not just about making something look pretty to garner a few extra likes, the right images can help to drive conversions and keep companies top of mind. According to a study by Jeff Bullas,…

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5 February

5 digital marketing interview preparation tips

Interviewing for a digital marketing job can be a stressful experience, especially when you’re new to the industry. The key to beating the nervousness and do well in your job interview is preparation. To help you prepare, we listed 5 tips that you can use to impress your potential employer and make yourself a top candidate for any digital marketing job. 1. Don’t be afraid to…

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15 January

5 tips to get a job in digital marketing

Fancy a career in digital marketing? Following some of the tips listed below may help you get ahead in your search for the job you want or at least help to get a foot in the door. 1. Stay up-to-date Digital marketing is a fast-growing industry and very competitive one. By showing that you are doing everything you can to stay up to date with what is going…

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11 January

4 Ways to Train Employees Effectively

Traditional training methods aren’t living up to expectations. In a recent InterCall survey of over 200 employees, one-third said their company’s techniques aren’t a productive use of time and another third said they weren’t interesting or engaging. Fortunately, with improvements in technology, it’s now easier for employers to utilize a variety of interactive training models that cater to different learning techniques. By incorporating a mix of training methods,…

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11 January

5 content distribution strategies for 2018

Google loves quality content. Your visitors love content. But writing content for the sake of writing content simply makes no sense. If your marketing department has a mandate that you must write x number of blog posts per month, you need to change direction — and here’s why. On WordPress alone, 86.4 million blog posts are published every month. That’s a lot of content! Sadly, most of the content that’s posted…

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